Women Writing Rights

The discrimination of female music journalists

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Here are some articles I came across during my research that you may find useful.


Useful links for people affected by discrimination:

Definition of sexual harassment

Discrimination at work

Equality Act 2010

How you can be discriminated against

Types of discriminations and actions against it

What you can do about discrimination at work


Links to female focused culture and music magazines:

The F Word

The Girls Are

Wears The Trousers


Links to academic texts:

A Global Hypothesis for Women in Journalism and Mass Communications: The Ratio of Recurrent and Reinforced Residuum

Seen but not Heard: How Women Make Front Page News

The Write to Rock: Racial Mythologies, Feminist Theory, and the Pleasures of Rock Music Criticism

What Difference does it Make? Women's Pop Cultural Production and Consumption in Manchester

Women in Popular Music and the Construction of "Authenticity" by Emma Mayhew


Links to media coverage:

Annie's NME Installation: A Former NME Features Editor Responds Equality and Quality: Setting Standards for Women in Journalism

Male Journalists vs. Female Journalists: Discrimination Debate?

NUJ Submission to the Leveson Inquiry Module 1 (National Union of Journalists)

Radio 4's Woman's Hour on Woman and Music Journalism

Rock Journalist Carol Clerk Broke the Mould (The Guardian)

The Leveson Inquiry Into the Press: Witness Statements

Where Are All the Women in Journalism?

Women and the UK Music Press  (The F Word)

Women in Music Journalism: Has the Internet Changed Anything?  (The Clash)



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