Women Writing Rights

The discrimination of female music journalists

Credits & Thanks

Women Writing Rights enabled me to meet many incredibly interesting, talented and brave female music writers from various decades. I am very grateful to Caroline Boucher, Caroline Coon, Krissi Murison, Lucy O'Brien, Ngaire Ruth and Sheryl Garratt for significantly shaping this project.

A special thanks also goes to Andy Prevezer, Andrew Mueller and Martin James who had the guts to give their view points and expertise on this delicate issue and for adding some balance.

Further thanks goes to: Iestyn George, Sarah Kavanagh from the NUJ, Association of Independent Music, University of Sussex, Southampton Solent University, Rock's Backpages, Manfred Abel, Andreas Punessen, Edd Harris, Emily Husband and Zara Davies.

Very special thanks goes to my supervisor Monika Metykova and Anthony Prudente.


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Credits & Thanks

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